With an area of more than 25 acres. curated for all ages.

Let's Play

What do you get when you match the elegance of Oleander Farms with the entertainment of Let’s Play? We get a mega family entertainment center, spa and resort. Spread over an area of more than 25 acres specially curated for all ages. With an array of fun-filled indoor and outdoor activities, you and your family will be chasing against time to soak it all in.

Our activities include, State of the art, Bowling alley by We have an exclusive partnership with a Bulgarian company – Walltopia who are world leaders in Indoor wall climbing structures and Obstacle Courses. They are the best in this space since they spare no expense on safety and quality of products; because we know no one can put a price tag on your family’s safety.¬†Incoherence with them, we have designed over 40 different climbing elements to help healthy foster competition amongst friends and to provide the perfect mix of fitness and fun. Our obstacle course is a one of a kind offering that pushes your child to test their endurance and their creativity to find solutions to beat the obstacles we throw their way. We know the sweetest taste is always that of victory, and our courses are curated to help achieve exactly that